You Me We Us are a bunch of local residents who are committed to helping create a thriving and unique community that is empowered to make great things happen.

Since beginning in October 2013, You Me We Us have already held or supported a number of very successful projects and events – 2 Kaiapoi River Clean Ups, 2 Pop Up Cinema Events, 2 Spy Training events for children, Adopt a Planter, Welcome Bags, Kaiapoi Drum Day, Community Pathway and the Giant X’s & 0’s Board Project, Under 7’s – Over 70’s Artwork Afternoon, The Kane Shield, Kaiapoi Invisible Choir, Gardening through Schools, Patchina the Giraffe – ‘From Kaiapoi with Love’, 4 School Giraffes, Food Forest Planting and The Kaiapoi Night Market to name a few.

Future projects include a number of Community Events as well as supporting the development of Community Food Forests, another Kaiapoi River Clean Up and the return of the Kaiapoi Night Market.

You Me We Us is a registered charity, made up of a small number of volunteers committed to bring to Kaiapoi events, particularly community projects relating to the themes of enhancing natural environment, young people and youth space, arts and culture, businesses and economic development and community spaces and facilities. To build on community involvement, camaraderie and enjoyment. that will increase a sense of connectedness between residents.   It’s all about putting ideas into action. In October 2013 we invited locals to a conversation café where heaps of ideas for community-building and beautification initiatives were shared. A year on, over 15 of these have become a reality, some of which include the Harcourts Kaiapoi River Clean-up; giant toy boxes and community naughts and crosses boards (using repurposed road cones as markers) for the town centre; planting days to grow food forests; bottling, pickling and preserving workshops; the family-aimed Kaiapoi Adventure Race; and Kaiapoi Stands Tall which saw five 1.3m-tall fibreglass giraffes decorated by local schools.

Our steering group looks forward to helping deliver many more, particularly with businesses and sports and youth groups.

Funding for everything we do, comes entirely fundraising, if you can help or have contacts that can assist with finding funding for various projects, please let us know.

Do you have a project or an event for Kaiapoi that just needs some help or support to make it happen? You Me We Us may be able to assist. We would love to hear from you so please

If you would like to be part of this small group of enthusiastic volunteers. In the first instance make contact with Linda on ph: on 027 781 3048