You Me We Us love to put together or assist with various community projects. The likes of wonderful painted murals, food forests, beautification projects and Christmas trees on the river.. we make it happen

Charles Street Toilet beautification project






























Meet the talented artists from Kaiapoi North School who collaborated so well to produce this stunning beach mural. Many thanks team.

This mural, the last of the three school “You, Me, We, Us” projects, will be on display on the sign board at Kairaki / Pines Beach shortly.

Thanks to all the wonderful students from the North, Borough and St. Patricks schools who have contributed to brightening up our community.



Beautiful mural by artists from Kaiapoi Borough School students

This was a project You Me We Us organised in remembrance of the September 4th earthquakes…

A group of us in the dead of the night painted fence posts around the various Red Zones in Kaiapoi…to brighten up the dull and boring fence posts


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If you have a community project idea, please make contact

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