Kaiapoi Food Forest

Growing food – Growing community

The Kaiapoi food forest will be enduring through its values –
connect, nourish, educate and inspire.

Establishing a food forest was a popular request during the community consultation phase of developing the Waimakariri Recovery Plan. The WDC and The Kaiapoi Food Forest trust will work together to bring this legacy community project to life, because Kai in is our name.

Creating a food forest is an exercise in connecting people, increasing resilience and sustainability, reducing net migration, improving living quality, creating jobs, strengthening mental and physical health, up skilling youth, attracting tourists and generating profit for Kaiapoi and the Waimakariri District.

Growing food – growing Community –
Want to learn more about Food Forests visit http://kai.net.nz…

This will be the first food forest in Waimakariri.
This will be a legacy project, providing food for generations.
We will grow many heritage varieties of fruit and vegetables.
Repurposing fruit trees from the neighbouring red zones, trees going from feeding one family to feeding a community.
The food forest will be a destination, bringing tourists and visitors to the district

Kaiapoi Food Forest Open Planting Day